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Become a 6 Figure Goddess Today!
ABUNdance activation program


Welcome to the 6-Figure Goddess Abundance Program! Immerse yourself into this 8 Week Abundance Accelerator Online Program, where you will be empowered to create your new identity. The successful, powerful change-maker you truly are is awaiting your arrival.

This is for those who know they have a deep calling within their soul, to powerfully stand in their soul led mission to be, do & have all that they desire.

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You Are Just One Step Away From Starting This Course
weeks total immersion like no other
Dimensions of healing - Conscious, Subconscious, Energetic, Spiritual/Soul, Cellular Memory
45-minute live one to one attunement sessions with Hayley

I’m Hayley Latham. A passionate and highly sought- after Master of Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy, NLP 

Master & Transformation Coach .

I am fully committed to equip you with the tools to 

empower you, inspire you, uplift you and encourage you to activate your new identity of your true soul mission and purpose. Empowering you to be the abundant manifesting 6 Figure Goddess that you are in all your pursuits for freedom, wealth and abundance. 

Love & light, 

Hayley x 

Hayley is a passionate and highly sought-after Master of Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy, NLP Practitioner and Life Coach who enjoys spreading kindness, peace and her mission of teachings in self-healing through more than a decade of experience treating anxiety, depression and PTSD from traumatic life events.

A survivor of her own child and adolescent traumas, Hayley experienced many years of chronic illness, anxiety and bouts of depression and identified how the direct correlation of her past traumas had impacted on her physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

To then discovering the tools and practices that led to her healing, enabled her to release the past trauma’s and reclaim her true purposeful, passionate and empowered self and helps hundreds of others with her gifts to live their life on purpose and free to be all they desire to be!

I always felt that I wasn’t enough, there wasn’t enough and wasn’t enough was just part of my vocabulary. I would often here myself say, I can’t afford this or that, even if I could, it was my go to saying. I was in knee deep of a lack mindset.

Growing up, it was the same, there was never enough. That was my parents mantra, and the word money in our household was a dirty word. People who had money were called greedy and they were to be avoided at all costs, so as to not catch their evilness.

I can remember in my early 20’s thinking I was never going to re live my parents and grandparents stories, I wanted more, I knew there was more deep down.

I went into action, building a business with my husband. We had loads of money to go around, the problem was we threw it around a little too much. High ticket holidays, clothes, cars and stuff, lots of stuff!

Until we couldn’t! Until we went broke! We lost the business, the house and cars. We actually both ended up back on the JOB payroll.

Life sucked! And the JOB sucked the life out of us!

It was then I realised I needed to change. I needed to find my purpose. I had a keen interest in self development and psychology most of my life and an innate ability to read people, to understand people and to empathise with them. I loved learning about what made people tick, how the brain worked and why some of us seemed to stay stuck in patterns of behaviour that didn’t serve us.

I started to manage my money, I released all my limiting beliefs and money blocks, I released my negative emotions, got in touch with my values and lived by those values 100%. I learned how to manage my mindset, surrounded myself with quality mentors and got an amazing coach who modelled the success that I was after. I focussed on educating myself and I stopped focusing on money and started focussing on my soul purpose, mission and spiritual journey. I released my fear of failure, there were a few of those and found my JAM!


I was always chasing the 6 figure income. I would always fall short! Yes I made multiple six figures in my business before I lost everything, but since I took that massive hit, I just couldn’t seem to get to the 6 figures I was accustomed to.


This was part of the programming I had picked up after my massive loss.


Well it was the beginning of the year in January, I decided I wanted to make $125K. I downloaded a blank cheque off the secret website and wrote it out to myself for 125K. I looked at it in those first few months, still had a few limiting beliefs that I couldn’t  make it happen but just went to work on my soul mission and forgot about it.


End of financial year came around at the end of June and I got stuck into grabbing out all the figures from the financial year to send off to the accountant. I still wanted so desperately to make the 6 figure income, and felt like it was a mountain I had to climb to make it happen. But then..

I got the shock of my life! I had made $130,110. Just over the $125K. I had completely forgotten about it! In disbelief I sat down and looked at it in amazement,


The glass ceiling was broken!


I realised then, I needed to write a new cheque!


I set the intention, I modelled the success of my mentors, worked with an amazing coach and went to work with focus and action in my soul aligned mission, knowing my why and broke through that glass ceiling and the Universe delivered!

Become a 6 Figure Goddess Today!

Who is this Course For?

This is for the souls who want to step into their soul aligned business with more ease, grace and flow to show up with full confidence in who they are and what they offer.


They are ready to evoke change within themselves and others, put the 2 steps forward, 3 steps back behind them and fully embrace their knowledge skills and experience to a path of self-empowerment, wealth and abundance.

Setting Energetic Boundaries

Setting Energetic Boundaries

Heal, repair and activate your DNA so your Being is coded to your natural frequency of Joy, Love, Play and Abundance.

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Reclaiming your Values

Reclaiming your Values

After the courses, you will prioritize your own life and decide your own destiny.

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Inner Child Healing

Inner Child Healing

You will gain improved relationships with yourself and those around you.

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Timeline Shifts

Timeline Shifts

You will gain improved relationships with yourself and those around you.

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Become a 6 Figure Goddess Today!

What you get...

8 Weeks of LIVE online immersive healing, including:

• 1 x 2-hour online live healing sessions every week

• 2 x 45-minute live one to one attunement sessions with Hayley

• Access to the exclusive Facebook support group where you can access all of the content and course materials & recordings, ask questions and connect & network with other participants

• Access to a Lifetime membership to all your trainings

• A printable workbook covering each session

• Your very own copy of Hayley’s powerful book for self-healing – #BeYouDoYouForYou so you can continue your journey in Manifesting the life of your dreams.

$250/ wk
It's happening again!

Hayley is facilitating her transformative online group program 6-Figure Goddess Abundance Activation Program LIVE on Zoom in her 8 week container.

Some of the most AMAZING processes you will receive include:

• Setting energetic Boundaries

• Reclaiming your Values

• Finding Your Own Superhero

• Inner Child Healing

• Divine Self Creation

• Abundance Activations

• Forgiveness

• Creating New Relationships

• Energy Upgrades

• Timeline Shifts

And so much more…..

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We welcome your decision!

You Are Just One Step Away From Starting This Course
What is it?

The 6-Figure Goddess Abundance Activation Program is a 8-week total immersion like no other…

By using RTE – Releasing Trapped Emotions, a world-class healing modality formulated by Hayley Latham through her experience combining Timeline Therapy, Neural-Linguistic Programming & Hypnotherapy this facilitates instant change like no other therapy, in a safe, transformative way to unlock your own self-healing power of your mind.

Hayley has been facilitating this modality in live retreats, in her clinic & online with her one to one clients since 2019.

Healing on all 5 dimensions…energetic, conscious, subconscious, cellular, DNA & soul level.

There’s no better time than now!
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We welcome your decision!

You Are Just One Step Away From Starting This Course

These sessions are FUN, empowering, real, inspiring, motivating, and moving, unlike anything you have ever experienced. Our participants come away with a new found identity that speaks to the very core of their being, reunited with their soul purpose as we nurture you into the life you were REALLY born to live. This is what we do!

You will…

• Learn the foundational science of how your conscious & subconscious minds are either set to work for you or against you, releasing the self-sabotaging patterns and BS (belief systems) that don’t work for you to reclaim your POWER!

• Learn the real Law of Attraction secrets to actualise your dreams into reality at rapid, lightning speed with ease and flow.

• Heal, repair and activate your DNA so your Being is coded to your natural frequency of Joy, Love, Play and Abundance.

• Awaken your soul gifts and rewrite both your personal stories, of love, money, wealth and health at your highest capacity, anchoring in to your highest timelines of ease, grace and abundance.

• Reclaim your identity and powerfully stand in your soul’s mission and purpose.

• Receive Attunements and Activations to amplify your own inner knowing and sacred gifts to deepen the connection to your souls purpose.

• Peel back the layers of self-imposed stories of who you’re not, to discover your true essence, divine nature and purpose.

• Powerfully align to your mission and business so you are a magnet for soul-aligned clients.

• Anchor deeply into your divine service, so the Universe conspires in supporting you on your mission.

Start your Journey


Let's TRANSFORM your life, as we'll as working confidently and passionately with your clients. Are you ready to take yourself and your clients to the next level?


The complete 6-Figure Goddess Program for 2022 is suitable for wherever you are in your journey and is for both soloprenaurs, practitioners of all kinds, coaches, healers and more.

Pay Upfront & Save

Pay upfront $888 AUD or (Payment plans $139 per week/8 weeks AUD) to change YOUR LIFE and the lives of others!!!

Become a 6 Figure Goddess Today!

What Our Clients Say

After completing my sessions with Hayley I have truly grown as a person and am living the life I know I deserve to live, I am genuinely happy, weightless and free from the past.
E, Stanthorpe
The time I spent with Hayley was very insightful and emotional. Thank you so much for your help!
M, Stanthorpe
After completing my sessions with Hayley I have truly grown as a person and am living the life I know I deserve to live, I am genuinely happy, weightless and free from the past.
E, Stanthorpe



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