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Anxiety Alchemisation


 When you go to the shopping centre and all of a sudden you feel that surge of nerves wash over you to the point where you just have to run out – feeling like you’re going to die.  To that burning, feeling watching the latest stats on Covid 19. 

Or what about that feeling when you’re in a group of girlfriends or mates and are all of a sudden tongue-tied, not able to hold down a conversation or find the words to say to feel apart of the group.
Feeling yourself getting frustrated or angry easily?

Experiencing more down days than good?

Perhaps there might be more going on underneath…you might be experiencing PTSD from underlying trauma that you have buried deep within. Trauma comes in all forms from devastating events to the smallest of things…the initial event could be long gone, hey it could’ve happened when you were two years old and you have no recollection at all.

These sessions are FUN, empowering, real, inspiring, motivating, and moving, unlike anything you have ever experienced. Our participants come away with a new found identity that speaks to the very core of their being, reunited with their soul purpose as we nurture you into the life you were REALLY born to live. This is what we do!

This is available both one to one in clinic or via zoom or you can join the group program to journey with others in bringing back the Empowered YOU!
This is your chance to jump into the fully immersive 21 Day group Challenge TO MAGICKAL MANIFESTING…  Manifesting to create the you that you desire to be, with all the MAGIC & MIRACKLES. 

It is believed through the research and development of Neuroplasticity that it takes 21 days to change a habit. How does this work…?
Are your beliefs getting in the way of manifesting money? The truth is wealth creation is really just a mindset…and we all have a mind, therefore anyone can create wealth, you just don’t know it yet!

Do you want to look back this time next year and find you have the same problems, same lack mindset when it comes to abundance or do you want to make this year really count by creating a new money mindset that blows the past year’s to bits…?

The 4 Day Money Mindset Makeover usually sells in my 1:1 coaching programs for over $1000 but I’m giving this away free because I want to create a ripple effect, by raising the vibration on a global scale so we can shift into our highest timelines of abundance, freedom, joy, peace and harmony and make this shift rapidly.

If you are serious about creating the abundance that you desire through changing the old timeline into a new and exciting one, that people dream about, jump onto this now, get your spot in this amazing experience…

Are you ready for change on a core level, to finally find your true worthiness, and to break free to more money, more clients, more freedom in more ways than you could ever have imagined?


I TOTALLY get it! I did too, for so many years…I did course after course, followed so many only to find the solutions were short lived or completely void of the help I needed for my huge ass, gigantic but invisible BLOCKS and there were so many.


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