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Be You, Do You, For You by Hayley Latham


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Learn how to self heal your trauma through releasing limiting beliefs, belief systems and negative emotions through rituals of self love and self awareness.

A survivor of her own child and adolescent traumas, Hayley experienced many years of chronic illness, anxiety and bouts of depression and identified how there was a direct correlation from her past traumas that had impacted on her physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Discovering the tools and practices that led to her healing enabled her to release the past trauma’s while reclaiming her true purposeful, passionate and empowered self. Hayley has also helped hundreds of others with her gifts to live their life on purpose feeling empowered and free to be all they desire to be!

Hayley Latham is a passionate and highly sought-after Master of Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy, NLP Practitioner and Life Coach who enjoys spreading kindness, peace and her mission of teachings in self-healing through more than a decade of experience treating anxiety, depression and PTSD from traumatic life events.


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